photo-1469474968028-56623f02e42eGoodkeeper is a modern and professional bookkeeping services company, with the aim of making booking easy for its clients. The company’s premise is simplicity combined with technical credibility.

Simplicity – many business owners lack the head space or understanding of accounting and bookkeeping and are often left expelling unnecessary hours trying to understand their accounts, a simple to understand approach for business owners helps to take away this burden while providing them with all of the necessary tools and information for them to understand the financial position of their business.

Technical Credibility– whist the customer front end is simplistic we carry the technical credibility and integrity that gives the client peace of mind that their bookkeeping is in good hands. We can achieve this as our team consists of experiences bookkeeper managed by a team of experienced chartered accountants with experience from top tier international accounting firms. Our services are therefore of the highest quality but without the lofty pricepoint.

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