MTP Health

Our History

Our first clinic was founded in 2012 as Move Train Perform, with the purpose of closing the gap between the medical, health fields and strength and conditioning. We wanted to provide understanding, education, and empowerment for people so they could take control of their health, rehab, and training – continuing to stay active right through the process.

As Move Train Perform grew and our services expanded so has our approach to health care and performance training. We understand that no single practitioner or trainer holds all the answers that an integrated team approach is the way to help people improve their movement quality.

Along with the development of our services, we decided that the business needed to represent the full breadth of what we provide. So to coincide with the opening of our St Leonards location in September 2016 our business was renamed to MTP Health.

What we do?

At MTP Health we improve the way people move!
We do this by bringing together a range of specialist health professionals and working collaboratively to maximise our clients outcomes.
Life is lived through movement. We want to help you get the most out of yours.

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