Teneo Legal

legal-glossariesTeneo Legal was founded on the thought that there must be a better way. A more nimble and effective way for small and medium businesses to engage with lawyers and vice versa, for mutual benefit. An alternative to the established, billable hour archetype, that embraces modern thinking and caters to modern needs. As a legal counsel outsourcing business, our intention is to empower. To connect our clients with results and offer the peace of mind and assurance offered by expensive general counsel. We aim to remove the barrier of legal jargon and add value for our clients with inclusive processes. Teneo’s unique structure allows for businesses sporadic legal needs to be met, removing the lofty costs of in-house general counsel or exorbitant costs of top tier law firms. While legal counsel outsourcing continues to grow, Teneo Legal offers genuinely personal service with a local, and physical presence. We embed with our clients business. We learn the issues that affect your trade. We enact efficient, cost effective solutions. The firm is a reaction to market demand. A hybrid of existing models, designed to suit small to medium enterprise.

There is no a one-size fits all-legal solution. Our clients are taken on a case by case basis, retainers are crafted to precise requirements, with services remaining extremely flexible and capable of meeting any challenge.


Teneo Legal also offers bespoke and ad hoc solutions within any of the following areas:

  • Commercial law
  • Contract law and contract negotiation
  • Property law (leasing and conveyancing)
  • Intellectual property law
  • Employment law
  • General counsel


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